Sean Lewis

The Lovelace Brothers

Sean Lewis - bassist

Sean Lewis bassist (Houston, Texas) a member of The Lovelace Brothers/Texas Electric Blues. Lewis was born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1971. Moved to Houston in 1981. Starting playing guitar in 1984, studying music theory and classical guitar. Majoring in music and sound recording at San Jacinto College (1992).
Already adept at finger style bass technique, Lewis focused on jazz and blues styles by greats such as Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, Noel Redding, Charles Sherrell (James Brown), Francis Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), James Jameson, and Geddy Lee. This approach would serve him well in his development and musical partnerships with Billy and Paul Lovelace in their new project, Think Tank during the mid 90s, as well as the newly formed project with Paul Lovelace and Joe Lampasas known as Mega Meter Magnum.
In March 1998, Lewis would enlist in the US Navy, re-enlisting after 9/11/2001 and serving almost 11 years and achieving rank of Chief Petty officer. Returning to Houston in 2008, immediately engaging in musical projects with his old brothers, Paul and Billy Lovelace. The music is even better than before, more authentic and fully captured in their live performances.